Chaos Enginneering with Gremlin



In this workshop, you will get a hands-on introduction to Chaos Engineering by assuming the role of Mystical Mysfit’s newest site reliability engineer. Mythical Mysfits is a fictitious company that started off with their famous “Hello world” product and evolved into being a world leader in the unicorn socks rental market. As Mystical Mysfit’s sole SRE, you’ll be responsible for keeping container-based microservices architecture up and running during Mystical Mysfit’s busiest “two days” of the year.

On “day one,” you’ll start by setting up the infrastructure for the online store. You’ll then be tasked with creating dashboards and alerts to track the health of the system as the first orders start rolling in.

Before “day two,” you’ll have the opportunity to run Chaos Engineering experiments on your environment to ensure that what you set up is working as expected. You’ll also learn how to get ahead of potential issues before the store opens again for “day two.”


You have 2 hours to ramp up and take over the infrastructure team. It might sound hard but to quote the CEO of the company: “ How hard can it be to keep a system up for 2 days?! I’m not a technical guy, but I don’t know what’s the big deal!”