5.3.1 Create a Gremlin Account

If you already have a Gremlin account, simply log in to your account and continue to the next step.

Create Gremlin Account

If you do not already have a Gremlin account, open the AWS Marketplace and click the Try for free button. You may be prompted to sign in to your AWS account. After signing in, select Free Trial, then click Create contract. Note that you will not be charged after the free trial ends.

AWS Marketplace sign up

When the popup box appears, click Accept Contract to confirm.

AWS Marketplace confirm

Now that you’re subscribed, click Setup your account to begin setting up your Gremlin account. You will be redirected to a page requesting registration information including your name, email address, company name, and phone number.

Gremlin account registration

If another member of your company has created a Gremlin account, your company name might already be in use.

After you’ve filled this out, click Complete Registration. You will see a success screen along with a note that you will be contacted within two business days.

Gremlin account registration complete

You will receive the following email with a link to complete your registration:

Gremlin signup email

Click on the link and fill out your account information. It will look like this:

Gremlin Account

After your account has been created you will see the Onboarding Flow of Gremlin, feel free to fill out or skip ahead on the next three screens. Gremlin Onboarding1 Gremlin Onboarding2

Once you’ve logged in, leave this tab open, since we’ll be using Gremlin to run experiments.

Now that you’ve created your account and logged in, the next step is to deploy Gremlin to EKS!