Perform the Experiment

Now that we’ve defined our experiment and gathered observations, let’s run the experiment. Start by opening the Gremlin tab in your browser. On the left navigation bar, click Attacks, followed by New Attack.

Gremlin UI New Attack

Under “What do you want to attack?”, select Infrastructure, then Hosts. You can either select each host individually, or click Target all hosts to select all three of your hosts.

Gremlin UI Select Hosts

Expand Choose a Gremlin and select Resource, then CPU. Change Length to 360, change CPU Capacity to 80 and select “All Cores” from the dropdown.

Gremlin UI CPU Attack

Now, click Unleash Gremlin to start the attack.

If you want to stop the attack at any time, click either the Halt or Halt All Attacks button in the top-right corner.

🎉 Congrats, you’ve unleashed your first attack! In the next page, we will talk about observing the chaos engineering experiment we just unleashed.