Observe the Impact

While the attack is running, switch back to Container Insights. If you don’t see a CPU spike after a short time, try reducing the time period of the chart. While viewing the metrics, ask yourself:

  • Was your hypothesis correct?
  • Did you see a CPU increase?
  • Did autoscaling kick in? Do you see a new host?
  • If autoscaling didn’t kick in, why not? Is your policy misconfigured? Do you have a policy set up in the first place?


We can see on the Container Insights’ CPU Utilization graph that the CPU spike was seen, but the graph for Number of Nodes saw no increase.

Container Insights Results

Container Insights Results

Does this mean our experiment failed? Not at all! By running this experiment, we found a potential failure mode before it had a chance to impact customers. We now have an action item to reconfigure our autoscaling rules. We can then verify them by repeating this experiment.