Benefits of Using Gremlin

image We’ve helped many companies successfully adopt Chaos Engineering and proactively improve the reliability of their systems:

  • Qualtrics

    • Tested their microservices for disaster recovery without disrupting development cycles.
    • Prepared 40+ teams for failover without having to coordinate planned downtime.
    • Saved 500+ engineering hours compared to traditional dependency testing.
  • H-E-B

    • Scaled up their curbside delivery service in the weeks leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Increased uptime to 99.99%.
  • Grubhub

    • Enabled developers to proactively reproduce and discover infrastructure failures before going to production
    • Discovered hidden configurations in dependencies that caused unexpected application behaviors
    • Addressed an issue that resulted in significantly reduced production load

We have also:

  • Helped financial institutions launch new products while meeting compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Helped e-commerce companies prepare for peak traffic events and improve employee morale
  • Helped retail companies fine tune their monitoring

You can read and learn more about our customer case studies via our website.