5.1 Deploy the SockShop

Let’s deploy the Sock Shop to our environment.

In the case you need to grab the kubeconfig from AWS. You can do that by first looking for the name of the cluster using eksctl:

eksctl get clusters

And then grabbing the kubeconfig from AWS.

 aws eks --region us-west-2  update-kubeconfig --name sockshop-eks-cluster

You should now be able to view your cluster with kubectl

kubectl get nodes

Now, you can deploy your sock shop

First clone the repo below and and go into the deploy/kubernetes folder.

git clone https://github.com/microservices-demo/microservices-demo

Create the namespace

kubectl create namespace sock-shop

Deploy the application

kubectl apply -f complete-demo.yaml

🎉 Congrats, you’ve deployed the demo application on your cluster.